MedX Solutions offers a wide range of Hosted Solutions, including hosted email, VoIP systems, document sharing apps, and data backup services that you can access on demand on any internet-ready device. You acquire the latest technologies while we manage the security, updates, patching, and support for a small monthly fee. This means fewer troubles for your IT staff and improved efficiency and collaboration for your employees.

The benefits of our Hosted Solutions include:

  • Scalability – our services are subscription-based so you can increase users as your business grows
  • Data Backups – your files and data are backed up to offsite servers and are accessible in real time
  • Advanced Security – each data center is staffed by specialists and equipped with enterprise-grade cyberdefense protocols and emergency power systems
  • Compliance – we ensure that you achieve and maintain compliance with HIPAA and other regulations
  • Mobility – your files, apps, and records are accessible with an internet connection from anywhere in the world
  • Support – our round-the-clock support team will address your concerns as soon as they arise

Are you ready to explore how our Hosted Solutions can help you deliver higher-quality, more coordinated, and faster care to your patients? Simply call MedX Solutions today.